Word Counter: FREE Word & Character Count Tool (No Limits!)

A free and easy way to count your words is the Word Counter Tool. This tool not only counts the words but also the letters, sentences, spaces, letters with spaces, etc.
In many social media platforms, you are asked to write a word limit post. Thus, this online Tool will help you to find your word limit.
If you are a blogger or content writer then you definately know the importance of words. An average word count for an article should be at least 1000 to 3000 words for a better ranking.
So our Word Counter Tool is generally made to solve your problem and to find the exact count of words of your article.

What makes Word Counter Tool different?

Today if you search on google about the word Counter tool, so within every possible result, almost all the tools have a word limit which is nearly of 1000.
But this tool is unlike every other Tool. Our Word Counter Tool provides an unlimited number of words to check. There is no such word limit as to how many words you would like to check.
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Why is Word Count important for SEO?

If you are a long timed blogger or digital marketer. You would definitely know the importance of word limit. In the blogging industry, there are no such word limits. But long and quality content is more prefered by Search Engines, like Google.
Google trusts the site more who provides with more in depth content with more words. So for SEO everyone is preferred to write an article with almost word count between 1000 to 1500 (on an average).Thus a word count is important.
For example: the text of the body should be a minimum of 300 words, and the title length should be less than 70 characters for effective ranking.
Our Tool provides you with that such benefit. You just had to copy your content and paste it to the Text Area and then click on “Count”.
You will get the exact value of your words limit along with the number metric of- “Letters”, “Space” and “letters Only”.

How to use the Word Counter Tool?

If you are working with some social media content, it is very useful to know the exact character limits for every platform you are working on.
Here are the character limits for popular social media platforms:
Twitter – Up to 280 characters, which had increased from the previous 140 characters limit.
Facebook – Not more than 63,206 characters for an individual posts and a maximum of only 8,000 characters for comments.

Who can use the Word Counter?

This Tool is designed for almost all the users who are trying to find the number of words.

Bloggers and Content writer

As the minimal length of an article should be between 1000 to 3000 words, with on an average 1500 words. So it is necessary to know for the blogger how many Words are there in the article.


Teachers can count the number of words written in the exam or any other forms, so that it would be easier to check the word limit and to give the marks for the Writing, if written for any (online) exams.


To check the number of words written by the student for any project work. So that it would be easier to verify the limitation of his/her writing.

Checking the number of words manually, would be the foolish work by any student.
Instagram – only limited to 30 hashtags and with 2,200 characters for a caption (only the first 125 characters will be shown.
LinkedIn – Headline text is just limited to 120 characters, the summary section has a character limit with 2,000, the position title has a limit of 100 characters, and with description box it is limited to 1,000 characters.

How much should be the word count for proper SEO Optimised articles?

Mostly every search engine like Google, recommends or promotes the site more which has detailed information. It means a detailed article with word limits of 1000+ words is considered to be great.
SEO Notes: Ranking depends on how good and in depth your article is! Many sites, despite having a well Domain Score, rank in a lower position. Google focuses on articles who are giving detailed knowledge on that topic.
But this often does not mean that you will unnecessarily write a 5000+ word article. Google’s algorithm focuses on quality content which is actually needed for the readers to satisfy their need.

Languages supported in Word Counter Tool

There is no such border of languages. You can search for your result in any of the possible languages.
This program counts the word between two adjacent Spaces. That is, one Word has calculated id there are any two gaps between that particular word.
So however you write in any languages like Hindi, Bengali, French, German, Arabic, etc. There is no such problem in the Tool.

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