10 New SEO Tips That Will Torpedo Your Website Traffic

Do you know that it takes ten right strokes to boost your website traffic? If you are new to SEO or have been in this field for the past 5 or 10 years, then this piece of informative content is 100% read. After doing a 6-month long case study, we have curated a list of 10 SEO tips that will undoubtedly help you. Although all these tips may look that you already know them, it is the rich insight on them that matters. With these ten new SEO tips, you will be able to understand the inside story of SEO.

Build your Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the quickest ways to address the domain & page authority of your website. Why? The website traffic is directly proportional to the domain and page authority of the website. The more the DA/ PA, the more the traffic. Now how can you do that? Start by creating a list of guest posting websites that are accepting posts and giving do-follow backlinks. But don’t forget to cross-check the spam score and the niche of such websites. Adding your website name to a spam or wrong-niche site is something you must avoid at any cost. Once ready, get down to posting!

Boost your website trust

As mentioned above, the relation between traffic and DA/ PA is essential. Now there are many ways to boost them, but many SEO experts are not looking to increase the trust. This is where you can win the competition. Don’t run behind the group backlinks but “one link per domain.” Why? Because that’s how you multiply your trust and the referring domains.

See what your competitors are doing

One of the many ways to know what is being done right in your niche is to sneak-peek into what your competitors are doing. Now, you may use any tool for that, but I would recommend using Ahrefs. This tool has a track record of displaying the right data and get the inside story out.

Always stay on top speed

Always stay on top speed

Always stay on top speed

You may have heard that there “Speed Chills but kills.” In SEO, the opposite is true – the better your site loads, the better Google likes it. For the same, I would recommend you to trust GT Metrix. These guys classify the problem along with its solution, and if you can afford their price, they even offer some of the best website optimization services.

Never miss the forums

Forums are by far the easiest way to get more and more referring domains. Since the idea is to add as many websites as possible, getting hold of forums is very important. And what better way to find out the checking the “message boards” section under the backlinks section of your competitors’ Ahrefs backlink search result. Once you move in, there is no looking back.

A quick case study

Suppose you wish to make a blogging website that speaks about entertainment news and movies. This niche never dies of topics to talk about and is one of the easiest niches to start with. Also, no one will stop watching the movies and so you will never run out of the audience.

Now, what you do is kick-start a website with the best of the content possible but what you fail to do is add “referring domains” to it. What happens? You might get hold of new users’ every day but what about the returning users. And that is why you need to do search engine optimization. Add more and more referring domains to your website. Also, it is important to target the keywords that are relatively searched moderately on Google but have low or no competition.

Personal Branding done easily

A few days ago, one of my friends was struggling to make his brand look good in the market. Although he was doing the right SEO, his brand reach wasn’t doing very well. It was then when I suggested him to start the YouTube channel. Yes, you heard me right. In my language, YouTube is free personal branding. Upload videos of what you do or how you do it and let YouTube take care of your brand. Once its Algorithm starts suggesting your content to others, not only will you have returning users but a different customer base who will like to see your content.

Keep the Spam score in check

The spam score is like a disease, cancer in particular. Once it is left unchecked, it starts spreading and, within no time, pulls down your website. Hence, use the disavow links feature of the Google search console to remove bad or spam links from your websites. The process takes time, but it’s chemotherapy with no guaranteed relapses.

Use keywords with low competition

Use keywords with low competition

Use keywords with low competition

For this strategy, you will require a tool. At present, there are only a few tools that offer this facility for free – Ubersuggest, Google Keyword planner. Now what you have to do is figure out what keywords have low or no competition but have moderate searches. After that, figure out what content you should create around these articles once you have posted articles on such keywords on your website. Repeat the process with other sites as well and link your article to other websites. This will increase the DA/ PA along with the trust.

Question Hub by Google

No one else in the online world understands better than Google, which questions are still unanswered. So, to make things super-easy for you, Google has started a question hub. On this platform, you can submit your content as answers for the questions that require solutions/answers. This platform even allows you to find out which queries are less answered or unanswered in your niche. Isn’t it a win-win situation? How? You submit your content, track its performance, and avail traffic for free, almost instantly.

Content – A never miss

You might think, why am I talking about content while claiming to speak about the inside aspect of SEO. Well, there it is! SEO moves with content, and if you stop the flow of content, SEO can’t push your website traffic. Sometimes, when you don’t know what to write, pick the best-performing pages of your competition website and rewrite them with more added information. Once Google starts noticing your updated content, it will push back the outdated content and give you content to stand a chance at winning traffic.

On a happy note

All of the insight mentioned above is tested and tried information. So, you don’t have to second guess on anything here. Now that this information has been “OK Tested,” I suppose you should get started right away.